Bamboo project

What is this program about?

It is an innovative music teaching program that we carry out together with the Rock’n Learn Music School and the NGO Pequeños Pasos. It is aimed at boys and girls who do not have the possibility of attending a music school or taking a class.

Our goal is for music to arrive in a different way, through a language of human values. We want all students to get started in music mainly with the ukulele and, in addition, to complement it with rhythmic percussion instruments, as accompaniment.

Children learn music in groups, developing both intrapersonal and interpersonal capacities; listening and respecting each other, thus achieving a common learning objective.

Why do we do it?

Because we want to bet on social transformation and provide children who are in a situation of inequality of resources and opportunities, the possibility to experience the musical awakening of the senses and emotions that learning an instrument generates, together with the development of physical, motor and intellectual capacities that help nurture the human being in an integral way.

Who are the actors participating in each class?

We have more than ten trained teachers and more than seventy students who attend classes periodically. A coach from the NGO Pequeños Pasos also participates, who helps to develop the communication and psychological support of the children. There is also a psychologist / occupational therapist who helps in the program, accompanies and contains the children who need, at certain times, more help.

How does music influence children’s lives? Does it generate a positive impact on its environment?

Music is very important, because it generates emotions and helps develop sensitivity, helping them to connect in a more conscious way with their environment, friends and family. This combination, together with a teaching of values, is essential to enrich children cognitively and emotionally.

What is the future projection of the program?

We want to ensure that every day there are more boys and girls who have the opportunity to learn music around the world. Our desire is to replicate this program, successful in Argentina, on a global level and thus generate equality and equity of opportunities for all.